Are you reputable? How do I know it is safe to shop with you?

We are member of National Kitchen and Bath Association, the premier program for kitchen and bathroom professionals. We have all positive feed backs on comparative shopping sites. We have 100% positive feedback from Ebay under user name "vanity-direct". We have no consumer complaint under Better Business Bureau. We have sponsored some of the most reputable shopping sites such as Nextag, Price grabber, shopping, shopzilla for years. We are Paypal verified merchant. We use Paypal as our credit card processor so you have one additional layers of protection on top of your credit card. So shop with confidence.

Are your products knock offs from major retail chains?

No, we manufacture and distribute our own products and that's how we call ourself Direct to you furniture since there is no middle men mark up.

How are your products compared with those from major retail chains that look similar?

Equal if not better. Using one of the model as an example, model 6070D6-EsW double mission style sink cabinet. Our major competitor, uses MDF for the bottom shelve where we use solid birch wood. They use plywood veneer for the inside drawers where we use solid wood with dove-tail joinery. The levels of materials that we use are better and our prices are at a fraction of our competitors.

Do you custom make the cabinets to size?

We only do that for large quantity orders and there is minimum purchase requirements that are different from one product to another. All available products are listed under custom products.

How do I make purchase?

There is a Buy Now button on each product page. Click on the pay button and it will take you through a secure server for all payment information. You can also try to call to place an order over the phone.

Do you have any show room in our area so we can take a look at the item in person?

Unfortunately, if we sell our products through layers of distribution channels and store fronts, you won't be seeing the prices you are seeing here. Our business model greatly reduces the capital cost so we can pass on the savings to you directly.

How do you ship the item?

By freight trucks. Freighting is the only economical way to move items this heavy and bulky at a rate that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

What trucking company do you use?

We work with dozens of trucking companies and we will use whoever has the best rate for your delivery route.

Will I be notified for the delivery?

Yes, the trucking company will call to make arrangement with you directly to set up delivery appointment.

What is curbside delivery?

Curbside delivery is for residential addresses where the truck driver will use a lift gate to lower your item onto the ground level on the far end of the drive way. Delivery drivers are not insured to operate on your property.

Will they take it inside the garage?

Delivery drivers are obligated only to leave the item at the curb. However, it is not uncommon for them to help you if you show gratitude by tipping.

Do I need to check the item during delivery? What happens if the cabinet breaks?

Yes, signing the freight bill means you legally take possession of the item acknowledging that you received the item in good order. Therefore, you have to follow freight acceptance procedures, listed in the policy section. As long as you do that, we will take care of any damage that might occur and you will have no chance for any financial losses.

What is the damage rate for item like this?

We are way better than the industrial average on the freight damage as we practice freight ready packaging. We have the internal crating inside cardboard boxes (on some models) to prevent folk lift operator errors while providing easy access for content inspection vs. external crating. We have layers of styrofoams in all sides of the cabinets reinforced at all corners. We prepare custom skids specifically for the model you purchase.

What happens if my item breaks? Do I need to wait for you and trucking company to resolve the claim before receiving a replacement unit?

As long as the freight acceptance procedures are followed, we will process a replacement unit as soon as we received the item back. If we have any proof, such as a digital image of the breakage, we can process and ship out replacement unit in couple of days. This might require you having access to a digital camera at the time of the receipt in order to facilitate it.

Can I reject the item just because I don't like it?

For anything, we were told by many customers that the pictures that we posted don't do the product justice. However, as part of the effort to keep our prices better than wholesale, we only cover wrong item sent and freight damage. Any rejection of item other than these reasons will fall under return policy as stated in the policy section.

Do I need to be there to sign for the item?

Someone has to sign the item, if it is not you, whoever on site signing for you will be acting on your behalf.

How long does it take before we receive the item?

We ship our items out every Tuesdays and Thursdays. It will take 3 days to 2 weeks to reach any corners of lower 48 states.

We want to save some shipping fee by having you delivered to a trucking terminal for us to pick up, where is the local trucking terminal?

We will arrange the terminal to be within 20-30 min. drive from you. If situations such as there is no terminal within that distance, we will notify you for other arrangements.

What are the difference in materials used on the cost of the bathroom vanity sink cabinets?

Ninety percent of the bathroom vanity sink cabinet that you see are made oversea. While the direct cost of an item here in States are driven by both labor and materials where oversea in developing countries the material costs are the predominate factor. Vanity sink cabinet, can be made of several tiers of materials. Started from the cheapest that there is,

  • Polyurethane: Any factory can build one prototype from the magazine, make the mold from it, and start pouring polyurethane. The cost of the cabinet without the top, is around US$50 straight from the factory. This should give you a good idea why some retailers can sell you something below $500 shipping included. Retailers of these line of products usually do not advertise the materials used and only mention the color of the cabinet such as rich cherry FINISH.

  • Particle board/ plywood/ veneer: While no wood cabinet product is 100% water proof, particle board and plywood constructed cabinets are a lot worse than, say, solid wood cabinets. Where there is no factory in the right mind would make the whole cabinet from particle board/ plywood, they will advertise these line of cabinets as solid wood/ veneer, solid wood/ plywood combination. The truth is only the frame of the cabinet is solid wood. All face boards are made of plywood/ particle board/veneer.

  • MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard is an engineered hard board that is made of wood-fiber and resin binders. It is often serve as a base for veneer and is better water-resistant than plywood. It shows really well with paints as there no knob in the materials and structurely stable. Cabinets that are promoted as solid wood/MDF combination usually means the frame is solid wood, all the rest is MDF. This level of cabinet retail as high as $4500 in major retail chain stores.

  • Solid wood: With the level of competition using cheaper materials, modular bathroom vanity sink cabinets that are purely made of solid wood are pretty much extinct. In the market today, any retailers who sell sink cabinets that uses solid wood beyond frames will proudly let you know as this level of construction is already considered "high-end"

A solid wood exterior cabinet with natural stone top cost easily 5 times more than the polyurethane replica. A solid wood exterior cabinet easily double the cost of solid wood/MDF ones straight out of the factory. So as you continue to shop for your bathroom vanity, it is important to inquire the materials used through out the cabinet rather than make assumptions

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