Stone Types

about our stone types

We have put special emphasis on selecting the best stone tops, more so than any other manufacturer out there. Not only have we chosen the best lot from the stone market, but we reject nearly 50% from the best available lot, so the piece you get is better than the industrial average. If there is small chip somewhere on the stone top, it is a general practice for most manufacturers to inject a "glass gel" and polish it. The end result makes it look like natural crystallization. We do not do that. Our stone tops are 100% stone without any forms of foreign substances. Our QC not only checks the dimensions and the workmanship, but the appearance as well. We are confident that you will be wowed by what we have chosen for you.

perlato svevo marble

perlato svevo marble perlato svevo marble perlato svevo marble

greek volakas marble

greek volakas marble greek volakas marble  

white marble

White Marble White Marble  

travertine marble

Travertine Marble    

black granite marble

Black Granite    

The pictures on this page is for illustration purposes. Natural stone is different from one slab to another. The color and brightness can appear differently with different monitor setting on your computer and/or lighting at your premises. The amount, shape, and darkness of the veining are also different from one slab to the next.

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